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Source and price with confidence.

Source the hottest eBay products of 2015 and price them for profit by knowing what’s already selling, in what quantities, and at what prices.

365 days of eBay data

Search and analyze a year of eBay data—pricing, selling, and listings.

Seamless Alibaba Sourcing

Find hot eBay products, then source them on Alibaba with a click.

Competitor Monitoring

See who sells what you sell, at what prices, with what strategies.

Create listings that drive sales.

Know which keywords, features, and listing practices will drive shoppers to your listings. Identify the best categories to sell on eBay and persuade shoppers to buy.

Proven strategies

Study the listing strategies used by other sellers and make them your own.

Better keywords

See the top shopper searches and most valuable terms for your product.

Best practices

Study successful competitors to identify winning listing and sales strategies.

Find opportunities

Get insider access to top selling products, hot eBay trends, and areas of unmet shopper demand.

Compare your pricing and sales activity across marketplaces with eBay and Amazon analytics. Find winning strategies to maximize your sales.

Minimize risk

Use detailed supply and demand data to know what not to source, how many is too many, and how much you can profitably pay.

Calculate your margins and monitor the listings, quantities, and prices from your competitors to stay ahead of market conditions.

Own your niche

Rely on industry-leading data and powerful seller tools to see how market realities affect your position on eBay and Amazon every day.

Track your own listings and strategies over time and see how they shape your sales, revenue, and bottom line—period over period.

Big eBay data. Big selling results.

Terapeak puts the power of eBay marketplace data at your fingertips, in ways tailored to drive sales. Your competition is already using Terapeak.

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Kathleen Manning

I love being able to represent eBay activity in a visual way. The color coded categories in the Heat Map allow me to quickly assess which parts of the marketplace are HOT. I don’t list anything without researching it.

Kathleen Manning, Founder

Leah Moore

Demand in our market is very seasonal, and Terapeak helps us observe large scale changes in sales trends. We rely on competitor analysis to stay aware of who the biggest watch sellers are.

Leah Moore, eBay Manager

Joseph Coleman

The benefit to our search visibility has been huge. We've seen a 50% increase in sales since I started updating our keywords using Terapeak recommendations.

Joseph Coleman, Business Director
Speedway Enterprises

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