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Promote your listings on millions of Terapeak product pages to drive highly qualified shoppers to your inventory. Set your own budget and decide what percentage of each transaction you're willing to pay, then monitor the rise in your conversions. Pay only for completed sales.

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Choose your own cost.

Configure your own advertising program and costs. Set a daily budget and the highest percentage of each sale you're willing to pay to have Terapeak advertise your listings.

Increase your exposure. Pay only when you make sales.

Become visible to a world of new shoppers that are actively searching Google and other indexes for products like yours. Offer them the chance to make their purchase using your existing product listings—with no fees until they actually do so.

Monitor per-product performance.

Know which items are seeing increased sales, how often they're generating clicks, and the costs you're bearing to make sales in each case—so that you can tailor your ad budget, costs, and listings for success.

Access big-picture analytics.

Close the loop and understand how Terapeak Advertise is working for you by with easy-to-read charts that plot your advertising performance over time. Watch as your ad-driven sales increase over time.

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David Rapport
“I would have to add another full-time employee to replace the contribution that Terapeak makes to my business.”
David Rapport, Ekusparts

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