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eBay’s Summer 2018 Update Includes Listing, Returns, Seller Hub, and Stores Changes

June 21, 2018 in News and Updates

eBay's 2018 Summer Seller Update is out, and with it eBay keeps its move toward a product-centric marketplace front and center while also announcing changes to: Item location requirements in listings Returns policies and processes eBay stores URLs and markdown policies Metrics about transaction difficulties in...
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How to Sign Up for and Try Terapeak, Step by Step

June 20, 2018 in How-To Articles

Want to try Terapeak but having trouble figuring out how to create a Terapeak subscription? Just follow these simple steps. 1. Visit Terapeak and log in with your eBay account. Visit the Terapeak shopping cart to begin the signup process. Click on the colorful eBay logo to register using your eBay account. When you...
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Make the Most of Your Fulfillment Opportunity

May 21, 2018 in How-To Articles

As a seller, it can be tempting to treat fulfillment mechanically, an afterthought. The purchase and payment are the "important" parts of the transaction. Once those are done, what's left is to get the shipment out the door in workman-like fashion—a task to be checked off of a to-do list. What's your fulfillment...
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Dave Mell
Being able to look back a year on Terapeak and see if there are other matching products is incredibly helpful in determining the market value of what I’ve sourced.
Dave Mell
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