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How to Sign Up for and Try Terapeak, Step by Step

June 20, 2018 in How-To Articles

Want to try Terapeak but having trouble figuring out how to create a Terapeak subscription? Just follow these simple steps. 1. Visit Terapeak and log in with your eBay account. Visit the Terapeak shopping cart to begin the signup process. Click on the colorful eBay logo to register using your eBay account. When you...
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Make the Most of Your Fulfillment Opportunity

May 21, 2018 in How-To Articles

As a seller, it can be tempting to treat fulfillment mechanically, an afterthought. The purchase and payment are the "important" parts of the transaction. Once those are done, what's left is to get the shipment out the door in workman-like fashion—a task to be checked off of a to-do list. What's your fulfillment...
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Use Terapeak SEO for More Than Listing Titles

May 21, 2018 in How-To Articles

Terapeak SEO is the ideal tool for creating listing titles that perform well in eBay and Google search. The reasons for this are obvious: SEO uses data from actual top search results on both platforms to determine which keywords are currently leading to the best rankings for sellers of items like yours. The uses of...
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Do More Accurate Terapeak Research Using Product Identifiers

May 18, 2018 in How-To Articles

eBay is becoming a product-centric marketplace—sellers can add a UPC or other product code to their listings, enabling eBay to better identify, detail, and promote their inventory to shoppers. Common product identifiers include UPC, ISBN, EAN, and EPID numbers, all of which are usually paired with bar codes on...
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How to Sell on eBay if You Already Sell on Shopify

April 16, 2018 in How-To Articles

Many online sellers get their start on Shopify. If you've found this article, you may well be one of them. And if you've already mastered the arts of marketing, branding, inventory management, and sales, you're probably hungry for new ways to sell. The eBay integration in your Shopify dashboard enables existing...
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How to Choose an eBay ID that Will Boost Your Sales

April 09, 2018 in How-To Articles

You're a shopper. You're looking for a $400 camera lens, and you've narrowed your choices down to two sellers with reasonable feedback scores. One is called "joe2489" on eBay. One is called "great-lenses-inc" on eBay. Which one do you buy from? If you're like most people, you choose the latter. Why? Because their...
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