New SEO Tool from Terapeak Gives Online Sellers an Edge in Organic Search

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA & TORONTO—Marketplace analytics provider Terapeak today introduced Terapeak SEO Pro, a new tool that optimizes ecommerce product titles for organic search. Through an integration with Google, SEO Pro dynamically recommends keywords and phrases that can move a listing up in search engine results. Using SEO Pro, Terapeak’s 2.7 million merchants will be able to earn more search traffic and ultimately bring more shoppers to several marketplaces.

Terapeak SEO Pro generates search engine optimized titles in English, German, Italian and French while supporting multiple marketplaces. Merchants enter a product name like “iPhone wallet case,” and SEO Pro suggests the 20 highest performing keywords for that product. By clicking a keyword, the merchant can pull up recommended keyword phrases and then click one to add it to the title. With each added phrase, Terapeak SEO Pro adjusts its keyword recommendations to produce a final title with the highest SEO value for merchants. As one early tester reported, “I really couldn't sell online without using this product. It's like a cheat sheet for knowing which words to use in your title.”

Terapeak SEO Pro not only picks keyword phrases but also recommends how to order the words in a title. Terapeak references data from a variety of sources to suggest title configurations that are both search optimized and native sounding. Thus, merchants who sell across language barriers can feel confident that their titles won’t sound foreign or suspicious.

Importantly, Terapeak SEO Pro displays the top Google search result for the chosen product. This way merchants can consciously design a product title that surpasses their stiffest competition in organic search. Merchants with more specific search goals may view a keyword’s SEO metrics, conduct their own analysis and manually build a title. As an example, a merchant might use this option if Terapeak SEO reveals that one keyword generates a significantly higher average price and SEO impact compared to others.

“We designed Terapeak SEO to help merchants get found on Google,” said Andrew Sukow, CTO and Co-Founder of Terapeak. “We developed this tool because we want independent sellers to be able to compete with big box retailers in SEO – without spending a fortune on marketing. I believe that our millions of determined users, empowered by Terapeak SEO Pro, will achieve better results than merchants who strictly rely on the marketplaces for search visibility. “

“As the leader in search, Google is a pillar of ecommerce and plays a crucial role in connecting buyers and sellers. Our team recognized that the majority of any site’s traffic comes from Google, so we wanted to help online sellers get found organically. It’s an important innovation for merchants and a boost to the overall visibility of the marketplaces that we support,” said Kevin North, President and CEO of Terapeak. “As hundreds of thousands of merchants begin using this tool, we expect to see an increase in their traffic and sales.”

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